You might say Bob Logan was given birth by the Civil War. As an espionage agent for a Scotsman named Allan Pinkerton, he left his past behind to begin an uncertain future in the west.

   As a Pinkerton man his identity must be adaptable to match the ever-changing circumstances. On the western frontier after the war he earns the nickname, ‘Bloody’ Bob Logan. In a time and place which requires a man to grow up quickly. With a job description to be one person one day and another the next, will anyone know who he really is? Does he know himself?

   Set in the days of American Reconstruction, the story brings us into the life of a teenage boy on the cusp of manhood. Already a manhunter exposed to the horrors of war, his introduction to life on the lawless frontier brings him into contact with young men like James Butler Hickock and William F. Cody. Such company assures colorful encounters with hostile Indians, men with lingering post war hatred and the ever-present threat of sudden death.

Fans of Dan's books will love this Western which may well remind them of Louis L’ Amour or Elmer Kelton, lightly brushed with a touch of Robert B. Parker and Elmore Leonard.


     With the help of some highly skilled friends, American anthropologist Dr. Jacob Walker, in his search for lost civilizations, begins to research the strange circular structures that are scattered by the thousands across southeast Africa.

The work begins at the enigmatic site known as "Adam's Calendar". Is this just a natural stone outcropping, another unexplained megalythic site like Stonehenge, or is it the birthplace of humanity?

Could this region be the ancient realm of the Queen of Sheba, or the location of King Solomon's mines?  Is there a connection to the lost kingdom of Atlantis? For Jake and his friends the answers could come at too high a price.

Who will live and who will die among the mysterious-- circles of stone?

 The Ark Approach

When American anthropologist, Dr. Jacob Walker responds to a request from an old friend in Israel, he has no idea how dangerous his service might become. He’s been tasked with recovering an ancient box of symbolic relics.

Thousands of years of mystery surround the disappearance of the enigmatic object. It’s reappearance at this time in history threatens the balance of power in the Middle East and throughout the world. It’s been a factor in the establishment of three religions and its fame has contributed to the development of art, history, science and culture.

While Israel is staggering under the weight of civil unrest, and tensions between the most powerful nations around the globe hover on the brink of a third world war, somewhere under Jerusalem, Jake must recover and secure the most sacred, controversial and potentially powerful artifact on earth.

There are forces at work that will stop at nothing to establish ownership and control. After all, it’s not just another lost artifact. It might be the most holy object in human history.

It’s the Ark of the Covenant.


Bob Logan

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​Let's turn on some light! 




  When an American anthropologist joins an archeological expedition researching a structure high in a previously unexplored range of mountains in the Tanami Desert of Western Australia, they discover more than they ever dreamed or imagined.

Even though the local Aborigines tried to warn them, the team from Sydney has no use for primitive folk tales, and no time to waste. It’s the hottest time of year and the monsoons are long overdue.

Science demands answers in a place where something older than the dream time waits to feed its ancient hunger.

Who will live and who will die in the land down under, out back of beyond?



Death and destruction are threatening the borderlands.

After Texas won its independence, the Mexican people left stranded on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande continue to live as they have for centuries. Not even the Civil War and Reconstruction have changed their way of life.

    Politics and greed are about to put an end to all that, even if it means murder.

   Outraged at being treated like second class citizens, the Mexican people have a different outcome in mind. They outnumber the Anglo population by ten to one. If they are to be treated like dogs, it's time for the dogs to bite.

     As blood flows on both sides of the conflict, an undercover Texas Ranger is sent into El Paso County to investigate.

    In a region where life is cheap and crime and corruption are as common as dirt, can one man find a just solution and prevent a war, or will death and hell ride into the borderlands on a pale horse?

The Fourth Horseman is another great book for fans of Dan Arnold’s Historical Fiction. Based on one of the worst chapters in Texas history, the San Elizario Salt War, fans of Louis L’ Amour will love this Western which may also remind them of Robert B. Parker or Elmore Leonard, with a touch of William W. Johnstone for good measure.

Books by Dan Arnold  and Daniel Roland Banks 

 I spent most of my youth outdoors. When I had to be indoors I read everything I could get my hands on. I read the classics, the comics, newspapers, soup cans and cereal boxes, you probably did too!    
Later, I read Khalil Gibran, which led me to the Koran, which led me to the Bible.

A lifetime of reading led me to writing. All those years of education did not prepare me well enough for the challenges of being a writer. I've learned and grown in wonderful ways since I wrote that first Western-Bear Creek.

In addition to my OTHER ( Books ) you might enjoy the new works shown below:

 danielbanks-books is a long-time dream finally realized. As a creative person, I've been a successful visual artist producing award winning paintings and sculpture. Until recently, writing was something I've done as a means to communicate technical data or as a very private form of self expression. My stories are a vehicle for articulating the journeys of my heart and imagination. My desire is that the reader enjoys the experience and in the stories they find something of value, enriching their lives. I hope my books are entertaining, thought provoking and  enlightening. The world can be a very dark place.                                                                        

Having a story running around in your head, is one thing. Producing it in a form that can be read by others, is quite a different story.